• DJ / MC / Remixer / Producer / Songwriter ;
      • Cluj – Romania ;
        • started as a DJ-MC in 1998 ;
          • various events in Romania, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, USA, Serbia, Hungary, France, Austria, Germany, Italy ;
            • plays groovy & energetic combining harmoniously powerfull beats with exciting rhythms ;
              • incite the public, as an MC, by combining Romanian & English language & maintains the atmosphere ;
                • mix most musical styles: depending on location, event and party people ;
                • main genres: deep house,  tech house, electro & progressive house with funky, techno, trance, minimaldance, retro, latino, pop, rock, rap, r&b, traditional,… influences .

My name is Cristian-Daniel Rusu and I do what I love!

Being passionate about music, since 1998 I’ve performed as: DJ / MC Cristian-Daniel in different locations, events and radio stations in Romania and abroad. Since 2011 I’ve started with music production at a professional level.
Musical projects:
1998 – 2009 Dj Kaligula, then changed in CDj (underground music)
2007 – 2009 cdj proX (me and Dadis – current singer of Dragos & friends )
2011 – 2014  All IN 1 (electronic project – with Lil Smiley and G-Point)
2012 – 2015 Incognito project (live band – with Incognito cover band)

2009 – present CDj (non-commercial music)

International experience in countries like the Netherlands, UK, USA, Serbia, France, Austria, on the Romanian coast and events in many cities had an important contribution in my development and career guidance.
I’m involved, not only as a DJ, in 4 large projects and festivals that are important to me:
Loca Beach (Costinesti, Romania)
Transylvania International Music & Art Festival (TiMAF – Cluj, Romania)
Snow Fest (Les 2 Alpes, France)
Romanian Ski Days (RSD – Kaprun, Austria) 

Music is more than a hobby … it’s my lifestyle!

More info:

Besides being active as a DJ, MC and producer I’m also an volunteer who is music addict, passionate about social events and ”my job” is : Freelance Event Manager.

I was born in Campia Turzii, where I grew up and I went to high school at Technical College “Victor Ungurean” after that I’ve graduate , faculty and master, the Faculty of Business UBB, Cluj-Napoca and currently lives in Cluj.

Experience and personal development I have accumulated over NGO activities: scouts for 5 years, and 4 years in the ASB (the Business Student Association) and ANOSR (National Agency of Student Organizations in Romania) after that JCI (Junior Chamber International), BdV (Volunteers brigade ) and Omnipass. With other friends by NGO area I founded Iventeam Association, an NGO for youth events and projects.

As an antreprenor I started the project CDJ-events, released in November of 2007 that provides events services for social events: public, private and corporate. As an Event Manager I do the implementation, planning, promotion, organization and coordination for various events. CDJ-events operates as a booking agency and also in the wedding industry with the brand MyWedd. In late 2011 I’ve joined the studio productions and recordings Comercial Music Productions. In september 2013 we’ve launched CDj independent electronic music record label.

I practiced many sports and now: football (8 years professional level), skiing, mountain biking, climbing, …

There are more events, parties as well as trainings, workshops, conferences, training and educational programs that I attended and continue to attend to my personal development but also for the professional networking quality and unique moments.

I live my life thru music :)